Nia Janae
Model. Fashion. Motivational Speaker. Dance. Acting . Culture

A Rose Among Thorns!
"As a teen model, I have the opportunity of providing community service and paying it forward to our society by mentoring young girls and boys on how to speak articulate and present themselves in a positive way."
~Nia Janae

We knew from the start she was something very SPECIAL! continued Success!
- Contestant Model Search Winner, Model and Talent Inc. Agency
Nia Janae has been selected
to walk for
YS Clothier in our
Jersey City Fun Fashion Event

-YS Clothier
As our brand ambassador, Nia Janae has attracted so many potential sponsors and inspires so many teen youths to our program services Thank You! #SiMpLyExCeLlEnT
- Excellence Dance Studio, Inc.
Nia Janae is a junior in High School energetic socialite full of diverse personality while consistently maintaining good grades.  Nia Janae has been modeling and dancing since age 3 years old.  Nia Janae continues to participate in numerous local stage theatrical plays including playing leading and supporting characters and performing in dance and with local fashion shows.  Nia Janae loves to volunteer and give back to the community such as feeding the hungry, cleaning the highways also adopting families during the holiday season.  Nia Janae is a people person and natural leader.
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Age: 16
Eye: Dark Brown
Hair: Black
Weight: 110
DOB: July 27, 2002
City: Tallahassee
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(850) 629-9456